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Cecelia EQ Officer   

Equestrian Officer

Lady Cecelia O'Conner

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Baron Lorcan Mac Colla

Equerry is the title bestowed upon the Barony's Equestrian Champion, as determined every summer at our Championship Tournament.

CONGRATULATIONS to Baron Lorcan, for victory at our Championship Tourney held May 26th, 2013!


2013 Equestrian Meetings and Practice Schedule:

View the Unser Hafen Calendar - you can select "Equestrian" under Category to view only Equestrian events. Practices are generally scheduled from March through November. For the 2013 season we contact Equestrian Officer for information.

Always check the CALENDAR for specifics.

See below for a listing of the Special Events the equestrians plan to attend this year.

Practices: to be announced

In 2013:

BeyBreze Farm (Map)
7763 E County Rd 16
Johnstown,CO 80534

In the case of bad weather we may change the day of the practice, hold indoor meetings, or postpone to a future weekend. In order to help defray the facilities cost, there is a $5 per rider practice fee. Ground Crew are always welcome at no charge!

Please RSVP to Lady Cecelia prior to attending a practice or event - particularly if you are bringing a horse (for planning purposes). Spectators and ground crew help are welcome at all practices! Bring your own chair if you would like to sit on the hill to watch.

Communication: All dates are subject to change. Changes will be posted on the unser Hafen equestrian yahoo group. Please join that group to ensure you have the latest information regarding all practices and events.

Joining: New guild members are always welcome! Anyone interested is welcome to come and watch. There are no rental horses available for riders, but please come out and watch and talk to Lady Wystl if you are interested in riding but do not have your own horse. New members should have a basic foundation in riding skills (walk, trot, canter), and riders must be at least 5 years old. Demonstrating that level of ability, new riders should expect to participate in several practices before achieving authoriztion to compete at an event. While SCA membership is not required to practice with us, it is required should you wish to compete.

Equipment Requirements: Beyond riding equipment (boots, etc) there are no equipment requirements to try out the Equestrian arts. We have loaner gear available for the new riders, and much of the equipment we use (quintain, rings, etc) are owned by the guild itself. We periodically hold workshop days to assist members in making their own equipment, such as lances and swords.

Authorization: The SCA governs participation in all martial activities through a series of authorizations. Equestrian Authorizations come in several levels. Please see the Equestrian Handbook for a detailed description of authorizing.

  • Authorized to Ride - a rider that demonstrates that they are competent to control a horse amid other riders and distractions. This authorization permits the rider to participate in riding activities only, such as for a procession.
  • Authorized for Games - this level is achieved by demonstrating a proficiency at handling the different weapons involved in the games, at the same time as maintaining control over your mount. Typically Games authorization is required to compete at a tournament.
  • Special Authorizations - some activities (such as, but not limited to, jousting) require authorization for that activity specifically.


Events: Throughout the year Equestrians attend Events and compete in Tournaments. Note that in order to compete at an event, a rider must have a current SCA Membership, and have achieved a sufficient level of Authorization to participate in that tournament.

2013 Event Schedule (there are other events that host equestrian activities, these are just the ones our group has identified we want to attend.)

Starting May 19 at Bay Breeze Farm

Contact Lady Cecelia for more information - contact information at the top of this page.

We'll see you at the barn!