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View the Unser Hafen Calendar - you can filter that view to see only Heavy Fighting events.

Practices:Winter Fighter Practice is at the Glen Morris CSU Field house Sundays from 2-5pm.

The field house is located along College Ave between Laurel Street and University Ave.

Here are the dates we are at the Field house.

October: 27th
November: 3rd,10th,17th,24th
December: 1st, 8th(10am start time for war practice), 15th
January: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
February: 2nd, 9th, 16th(10 am start), 23rd
March: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th
April: 6th, 13th


Communication: The Warriors of Unser Hafen have a group on Facebook used to chat, plan for events, post pictures, etc. Any heavy fighters are welcome to join. Official announcements will be made on the main Unser Hafen email group and on the Facebook group.

Joining: Newcomers are welcome to attend any practice. Loaner armor is available through the Knight Marshal. Instruction and training is provided by experienced fighters. All fighters must be at least 16 years old, those under 18 must have a parent present during practice and a waiver on file. 

Equipment Requirements: Armor and weapon standards are described in the Society Marshals' Handbook, with additional requirements in the Outlands Combat Handbook

Authorization: The SCA governs participation in all martial activities through a series of authorizations. Heavy Fighting authorizations come in several levels. The Outlands authorizes heavy combat participants based on weapon category. While a fighter can practice without an authorization, events (such as Tournaments and Wars) require participants to be authorized in the weapon style they will be using.

  • One-handed weapons - This includes sword and shield along with other single-handed weapons.
  • Two-handed weapons - This includes greatswords, glaives, two-handed axes or hammers, and spears.
  • Combat archery - This category is for archery during melee scenarios against live opponents.
  • Authorized Combat Marshal - This authorization allows people to marshal tournaments and inspect armor and weapons.
Authorizations are performed by an Authorizing Marshal in conjunction with a member of the Chivalry and an experienced and authorized opponent. The primary purpose of authorizations is to ensure the candidate is safe to themselves, their opponent and spectators.
Events: Heavy fighting occurs at many events throughout the SCA. Refer to the information for a particular event for details.