Baronial Projects

This page lists projects that the Barony would like done. If any members of the populace are interested in taking on any of these projects, please make arrangements with the Baronage or Seneschal, and let the webminister and/or chronicler know so this page can be updated with contact information.

Kingdom Thrones 

Unser Hafen has a pair of Kingdom Thrones for use by Their Royal Majesties when they travel to our region.  However the Queen's throne is in need of repair.  Master Thorfinn and Lord Paul have conferred about the work required and will accept the help of volunteers to complete the repairs. 

Sword Case for Gatekeeper and the Protector Sword

The Baronial Swords of State, Gatekeeper and the Protector Sword, are currently carried to events just in their scabbards. It would be better for the sword and its scabbard if they could be packed in a wood case, to keep them from being damaged, and to make transportation more convenient.

List Board

For tournaments, especially at events like Newcomers, it would be nice to have a board that can show pairings of fighters in a round of a tourney, or even a board that can show double-elimination brackets. Fighters names (or devices, if they are known) could be placed on the board as little shields hanging on hooks, paired up by the MoL, and moved around to show progress through the tourney. This gives spectators a good view of what's happening, how many fighters are left, and how their "favorite" fighter is doing.

Fighter Kits

During the fall semester 2011, fighters at UNC were outfitted with armor kits that they purchased and that members of the Barony created. These kits were well-received, and got fighters into armor at a very reasonable cost, but the work-load on our populace was enormous and not sustainable. We need a better way to get new fighters into safe and inexpensive armor without populace burnout.

Other Projects

Have an idea for a baronial project? Contact the Baronage or the Seneschal!