Tri-Baronial A&S

Unser Hafen joyously welcomes The Hearts of Our Baronies to the Tribaronial Arts & Sciences Competition.  You put your heart into your creations -- come and share your hearts, your love of your arts and your passions with everyone! 

The THREE BEST BARONIES in the Knowne World will each determine their competition criteria for Baronial Champion and will confer together on the criteria for Northern Champion -- look for details!

Emphasis is on YOU the Heart of our Baronies -- Our Artisans!  Variety of classes to learn about passions not yet discovered.  Hot & cold beverages, sack lunches and willing hands will be available all day to make competing pleasant & fun!   Reserve early to be sure of table room.  Site is dry -- brewing entries judged off site at Rose Manor Pub.

 Site: Trinity Episcopal Church
 Address: 3800 West 20th Street Greeley CO 80631
 Opens: 02/15/2014  9:00 am
 Closes: 02/15/2015 6:30 pm
 Gate Fee:  $10.00

 Food options will be available at an additional charge or you are welcome to bring your own food.

 The site is dry.

Schedule may change at the drop of a feather but the general plan is:
9:00   Gate Opens -- Artisan Registration
9:30   Court at the Whim of the Coronets and Crown
10:30  Judging Starts 
11:00  Classes    1:00   Classes     2:00    Classes
2:00   Off premise Judging of Brewed Entries.
3:30   Judging Closes -- Displays need to be cleared; helpers available
5:00   Court at the Whim of the Coronets and Crown
6:00   Clean Up