At Unser Hafen A&S Championship, Sunday May 8, there's:

  • a formal A&S competition,
  • a siege cooking competition and
  • a "Siege A&S competition"

Autocrat: Lady Gabriella Rizo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Siege A&S Contact: Mistress Agnes deLanvallei, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A&S Competition:

RSVP's are required: Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Name:
  • What is your entry:
  • Display or Compete:
  • How much space you need:
  • Any special requests:

The following applies to all three levels of the A&S at this event:

All kingdom categories are welcome; a complete list can be found at

All brewing entries require off site judging. If you would like to enter an alcoholic beverage please RSVP quickly so off site judging can be arranged.

Anyone is welcome to enter including our highly esteemed members of the peerage.

A&S Champion:

Non members of the barony are welcome to compete but will not be chosen as UH A&S Champion. Multiple entries welcome but are NOT required to be chosen as UH A&S Champion. Kingdom Level Judging: Three judges, commentary and graded scores for each entrant Full documentation is required, examples can be provided by request

Beginner A&S:

Full documentation is encouraged. However the following information is all that is required. 1. What are you making 2. What culture and time is it based on 3. Where you got the idea (i.e. primary inspiration source, i.e. book, picture, story, website, etc…) 4. What ingredients are used in the entry (only for food or beverage entries) Unless otherwise requested entrants will receive commentary only from their judges.

Display Only:

No documentation required. If you have something you think is cool bring it. If you’re working on something you are excited about-- bring it. If you’ve been doing A&S for forever please bring examples of your work to inspire others

Siege A&S Rules

An A&S project for during the event. Siege cooking for non-cooks:

Teams of 2-4. Preregistration of team will guarantee we have a Sack for your team and help us get the right number of Sacks but is not required. Teams pay $2 for materials.

  • Each team gets a Sack of 11 things. 10 are standard--maybe cloth, beads, leather, metal--and the last one is unique (a cup, a small statue, a big wad of twisted wire). The idea is to make something during the event. Entries will be judged during the last hour of the event.
  • Here’s a scenario to work with: "The siege has just ended. What can you put together from these items to celebrate the arrival of the relief force, or make a gift to thank their leader?" Entries not based on that scenario are welcome.
  • Team with the most points wins the prize.


  • • 1 point for including a child on the team
  • • 1 point for including an adult without an AOA on the team
  • • 1 point for including a peer (Knight, Laurel or Pelican) on the team
  • • 25 points if all 11 items are combined into a single entry. (If the parts of the entry aren’t physically connected, convince the judges that it is one entry.)


  • • 3 points for incorporating the 11th item into the final entry (But only one item counts as the 11th item, even if the group has traded for a second unique item)
  • • and
  • • 2 points for each of the 10 original materials combined in the final entry if all 11 don’t go together. (So, an entry with 6 of the original materials is 12 points, and entry of 9, 18 points)
  • • and
  • • 1 point for each of the original materials turned into an entry (somehow changed from its starting condition and turned in as a separate entry.)
  • • 1-3 additional points for a great story that goes with the entry
  • • 1-3 additional points for using period materials or techniques

Miscellaneous rules:

We will have a tool kit and sewing kit available but you are welcome to bring and use any other tools. Teams may trade items so long as each team retains 11 total items from the Entry Sack. Other items --from wherever--can be included in the entry. We will bring a box of odds and ends (cloth, yarn) available for use. Do not use any items that would break local, state or Federal law (e.g. do not cut branches off the trees in the park). No non-medieval power tools.

Contact Mistress Agnes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions and to preregister.